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German Computer Games Award

The German Computer Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) is an event jointly organised by the German political and economic sectors. It was established by the federal government in co-operation with the industry associations at the initiative of the Federal Parliament. The main purpose of this award is the promotion of innovative computer games, which are of cultural and pedagogical value. With a total prize money of € 385,000, which is equally financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and the games associations BIU and GAME, the German Computer Games Award is the highest award for games in Germany.

The award winners are selected by an independent jury consisting of scientists, representatives from media education, youth media protection, politics and the games industry. Computer games which have been completely or mainly developed and produced in Germany can be submitted.

Outstanding German products are awarded in seven categories:

  • Best German game (prize money € 50,000)
  • Best children’s game (prize money € 75,000)
  • Best youth game (prize money € 75,000)
  • Best mobile game (prize money € 50,000)
  • Best serious game (prize money € 50,000)
  • Best browser game (prize money € 50,000)
  • Best junior concept from pupil and student competitions (prize money € 35,000)

The award ceremony is held on an annually-alternating basis in Berlin and Munich. As part of the festive event the LARA – the German award for international game productions was awarded for the first time in 2011. The LARA is an initiative of the specialist magazine GamesMarkt as well as G+J Entertainment Media and is awarded in the categories “best international computer game” and “best international mobile game”. In addition to the games awards, the “LARA of Honor” is awarded to a national or international personality. This special prize is awarded for special achievements, works or creative ideas in the history of computer and video games.