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Als wichtiger Baustein einer zukunftsweisenden audiovisuellen Kultur unterstützt das …

23. November 2017 | Event
Seit 1997 entwickeln Studenten Spiele an der Hochschule der Medien …

27. November 2017 | Event
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 invites you to submit your best works …

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29. November 2017 | Event
Vom 29. November bis 3. Dezember 2017 verhandeln rund 250 …
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BIU.Dev and BIU.Net are supra-regional network platforms created by the BIU; their goal is to promote networking among everyone involved in the German computer and video games industry, encourage dialogue, and pool and coordinate all market players’ commitment to strengthening Germany’s position as a vital location for the computer and video games industry over the long term.

Member benefits


  • Networking, a forum for sharing information and experience, exclusive events
  • Discounts and benefits: conference tickets, joint trade fair booths
  • Advice from coaches and business angels on topics such as subsidies, project management, game design, monetisation, internationalisation, focus group testing, marketing/PR and much more
  • Participation in task forces and round tables on the latest issues facing the industry in Germany

Who can participate in BIU.Dev and BIU.Net?

The network platform BIU.Dev is primarily aimed at developers and providers of all sizes, from start-ups and indies to established studios. All other stakeholders in the computer and video games industry can join BIU.Net, including researchers and universities, all types of service providers and agencies, freelancers, investors and providers of capital, in particular. The more industry participants join these networks, the more effective and successful they will be at connecting everyone in the industry and achieving the shared goal: strengthening Germany’s position as a vital location for the computer and video games industry.

„We're thrilled about the synergies and the exchange opportunities that come along with the membership.“
Wolf Lang
Co-Founder, THREAKS GmbH
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