Other partnerships

Exhibition: ‘Film and Games – Interactions’ at the Deutsches Filmmuseum

Deutsches Filminstitut FilmmuseumThe BIU and gamescom are sponsors and partners of the six-month exhibition: ‘Film and Games – Interactions’ at the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition to providing financial support, the BIU helped to develop the content for the opening ceremony and the programme of events surrounding the exhibition. The exhibition was also presented at gamescom in Cologne in August 2015.
The exhibition ran from 1 July 2015 to 31 January 2016 and focused on the similarities and differences between films and digital games. How are fictional worlds created? How do they evoke emotions? What strategies are used to create suspense? In addition to direct adaptations, the exhibition delved into the reciprocal influence that film and games have on each other’s genre concepts, imagery and soundscapes, and transmedia approaches. Actual playing went hand in hand with the observation of play and players, so the experience was also exciting and beneficial for visitors who did not play games themselves.
‘Film and Games – Interactions’ illustrates the potential of joint cross-industry events involving digital games and other media. For this reason, the BIU is currently working on expanding its partnerships with other branches of the entertainment industry.

B3 Biennial

B3 BiennaleThe BIU, gamescom and the gamescom congress are partners of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition to providing financial support, the BIU contributes content to the programme of this transmedia festival, the goal of which is to create a broad alliance for the moving image.
Every two years, the B3 Biennial provides an international platform for discourse and networking among filmmakers and television producers, artists, designers, researchers, technology providers, industry players and talented newcomers. During the years when the biennial doesn’t take place, the B3 Autumn School targets young, up-and-coming creatives. The B3 Think Tank takes place at the same time; it is responsible for selecting the topics for the B3 Biennial, among other things.
Games are more than just pop culture and mainstream entertainment; they are also the digital avant-garde and drivers of technology, making them the perfect element to bridge the gap for events like the Biennial which combine both of these dimensions.

Serious Games Conference

Serious Games ConferenceThe BIU has been a partner of the Serious Games Conference for many years; the association organises the event at CeBIT in Hanover in cooperation with film and media agency nordmedia. The BIU assists in organising and running all key aspects of the conference and additionally contributes presentations and other content.
The Serious Games Conference is one of the leading platforms for serious games, gamification and other games-based education technologies that fall under the category of applied interactive technologies (APITs). Renowned international speakers from the fields of business and research spend the day presenting and discussing the various applications and the potential of games-based technologies. Additionally, the Serious Games Network takes place in combination with the conference; here, speakers and interested industry representatives can engage in in-depth discussion in a casual atmosphere.
The Serious Games Conference illustrates the attractiveness of computer and video games for other events and industries and highlights the importance of gaming technology for the entire economy.


Quo Vadis LogoBIU.Dev, the German games industry’s developer network, is a premium partner of the developer conference Quo Vadis : the centrepiece of the annual International Games Week in Berlin. BIU.Dev provides financial support for the conference and is also responsible for the broad range of programme content and events offered there every year, including lecture series, panels, receptions and special events like the eSports Summit, an HR round table and the Games Legal Meet-Up.
As its Latin name, Quo Vadis (‘Where are you going?’), indicates, the annual developer conference in Berlin serves as a platform for discussing the evolution of the entire games industry, as well as its future trends and challenges. Quo Vadis has made a name for itself as the most important international developer conference in the German capital ; with its wide-ranging programme comprising discussions, presentations and workshops, it attracts thousands of professional attendees to Berlin every year.
The stated goal of the industry platforms BIU.Dev and BIU.Net is to better network everyone involved in the German games industry and to foster an exchange of ideas among all of the industry’s stakeholders. One pillar of the platforms’ activities is their extensive involvement in conferences like Quo Vadis.