What are BIU.Dev and BIU.Net?

Logo von BIU.Dev und BIU.NetBIU.Dev and BIU.Net are supra-regional network platforms created by the BIU; their goal is to promote networking among everyone involved in the German computer and video games industry, encourage dialogue, and pool and coordinate all market players’ commitment to strengthening Germany’s position as a vital location for the computer and video games industry over the long term. Together, the BIU network and the BIU can create unprecedented synergies in the industry. BIU.Dev and BIU.Net provide users with a broad range of opportunities for participation. The platforms were created in response to the rapid changes in the industry and the momentum with which it is moving forward; they are also intended to make a significant contribution to increasing the nationwide visibility and impact of industry initiatives in numerous different fields. With this network, all games industry stakeholders have the opportunity to get involved, expand their networks, exchange ideas, build knowledge pools and launch initiatives.
Membership in the BIU is not required to join a BIU network; members of the networks do not automatically become members of the BIU. Network members have access to comprehensive services and benefits that help all industry participants in their efforts to strengthen Germany’s competitive position in the international market.

What are the benefits of BIU.Dev and BIU.Net?

Members of the BIU.Dev or BIU.Net network gain access to networking events, a high-performance network of consultants, coaches and business angels, joint BIU and BIU network task forces, professional advisory services, benefits and discounts for numerous industry conferences and events, the opportunity to participate in joint trade fair booths and much more. Services include:

  • Networking, a forum for sharing information and experience, exclusive events
  • Sharing contacts, matchmaking (for example business development, investors)
  • Participation in task forces and round tables on the latest issues facing the industry in Germany
  • Professional advice on acquiring subsidies and assistance in applying for them
  • Legal advice, legal memos and a ‘contract starter kit’ (checklist for terms and conditions, templates for NDAs, employment contracts, sample data privacy policy, essential information on protecting minors, etc.)
  • Initial consulting on consumer protection and the protection of minors (in partnership with the USK)
  • Political connections and involvement in the political process
  • Discounts and benefits: conference tickets, joint trade fair booths (GDC, gamescom, Nordic Games Conference , etc.)
  • Market data, access to studies
  • Advice from coaches and business angels on topics such as subsidies, project management, game design, monetisation, internationalisation, focus group testing, marketing/PR and much more
  • Regular seminars and workshops
  • Free participation in BIU Academy webinars
  • Speaking opportunities, international trips with delegations, etc.

Who can participate in BIU.Dev and BIU.Net?

The network platform BIU.Dev is primarily aimed at developers and providers of all sizes, from start-ups and indies to established studios. All other stakeholders in the computer and video games industry can join BIU.Net, including researchers and universities, all types of service providers and agencies, freelancers, investors and providers of capital, in particular. The more industry participants join these networks, the more effective and successful they will be at connecting everyone in the industry and achieving the shared goal: strengthening Germany’s position as a vital location for the computer and video games industry.

BIU.Dev and BIU.Net mentors:

Numerous renowned mentors have been with us from the very beginning, helping to establish and expand our network.
Consultants and coaches:

  • Ralf C. Adam
  • Konstantin Ewald
  • Thomas Friedmann
  • Prof. Odile Limpach
  • Prof. Dr Jörg Müller-Lietzkow
  • Tom Putzki
  • Stephan Reichart
  • Jan Wagner
  • Wolfgang Walk
  • Teut Weidemann
  • Thorsten S. Wiedemann

How much does membership in the BIU.Dev or BIU.Net network cost?

BIU.Dev membership costs 500 euros per year, while BIU.Net membership costs 1,000 euros per year. We offer a 50 per cent discount on the first year of membership – so everyone can experience the benefits of membership first-hand without too much risk. Free membership is available for public and state-accredited universities/academia.

How do I become a member of BIU.Dev or BIU.Net?

Send us an email at info@biu-online.de with the subject ‘BIU.Dev’ or ‘BIU.Net’.

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Manager Services / Funding Advisor
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